A short film about light and dark. 

Why a gothic film?


Sometimes it's the colour of your heart; the weight pushing down on your shoulders.

It's the shadow looming over your head, intoxicating yet reminding you of your own mortality.​  

It's like a dream; grainy and nonsensical, yet to you, it makes perfect sense.

Amaranthine is drenched in the monotony of black and white yet randomly splashing the screen with colour reminding you that you are still breathing.

It's a metaphor about what and who we are. We are yin and yang and everything in-between depending on the situation that presents itself. Our protagonist wants nothing more than to redeem herself.  Once the epitome of purity, she descends into a reality where she has committed a terrible deed. The deed is macabre and self-serving yet with the best of intentions.

An art film focussing on the tormented heart, Amaranthine is currently in post-production and expected to hit the festival circuit in early 2020. ​​

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